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I create engaging content in words and pixels. Are you a business owner, blogger or student who needs help with your writing, photos or website? I can assist you while being mindful of your budget and deadlines.


Writing, Rewriting and Upgrading Current Content  

I understand, you’re at a loss for words to express just how unique and useful your services are. Or you have a wordy, flat piece of writing that needs to be concise, catchy and persuasive. Perhaps your professional bio and About page need revisions to capture what sets your startup apart.  

I can provide original, creative content, or infuse existing content with substance, punch and panache. I've helped companies from Walmart-affiliate Zelka HVAC to Capital One to Hofstra University update their websites and ads with fresh material. Interested in hiring me? Check out my portfolio to see if I’ll mesh with your project.


I’m an award-winning multimedia journalist covering wide-ranging topics (including business, technology and the arts) for various publications, including Newsday.

I specialize in feature stories about successful people in various walks of life, from small business owners to athletes. I even write obituaries.

Need an evergreen or in-depth story on a certain subject or individual? Have a business idea you want to promote through a sponsored story? Need reviews for your book or exhibit?

I can help craft all of these and more.

Let’s work together to develop your story idea. I’ll take the time to get to know your company and audience. Or I can offer feedback and suggest tweaks to something you’ve already written.


As an award-winning photographer and Getty Images-iStock contributor, I have a trained eye that can help improve your visual content.

 Can you relate to any of these?

You’re a business owner who needs to attract more eyeballs to your website. A parent who wants family photos in a park, on a beach or other natural settings. A Realtor who has to sell properties still on the market. A model who needs some outdoorsy shots to complete your portfolio. A party host who wants to capture all the laughs, smiles and fun. A man with a pricey rock who needs candid photos of his marriage proposal. A blogger searching for fresh stock photos to complement your posts.

I specialize in candid portraits, homes and architecture and cityscapes, and am capable of capturing many other subjects. Note: I work mainly outdoors with natural light and use an external flash (not big, flashy equipment).

Among my clients are Capital One Bank, John Michael Outdoor Kitchens, Zelka HVAC, Lustgarten Foundation and AA Mastering. Check out my projects page.

Content Creation: Blogs with Text and Photos

So you want to drive more traffic to your website or blog?

First, you need stellar content—a mix of engaging words and powerful visuals. I combine writing and photography to create compelling blog content: words and images that complement each other beautifully. I’ll fill your digital space with original, eye-catching and share-worthy content that encourages repeat visits and new subscribers, while inspiring customers to take action.


Writing and Journalism

  • .12 cents per original word. You determine the maximum word count.

  • Discount available if you’re content to feature my name and website address.

How You Benefit:
Well-crafted, compelling copy that attracts your target market and optimizes shares, subscribers and sales. Also, engaging, informative and click-worthy stories that turn your ideal readers into return visitors.
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Rewriting and Upgrading Current Content

  • $30 per 1,000 words.

  • Additional work, such as research or interviews to gather information needed for the project, is $25 to $50 per hour. 

What You Receive:
Clearer, tighter, powerful content that evokes precisely what you need to say, bolsters your brand and attracts your desired customers.

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Content Creation (Text & Photos for Blogs/Website)

  • .12 cents per original word. You set the maximum word count.

  • Individual photos featured on this site start at $15 per image. 

  • Rates for blog/website pages that provide both text and photos are determined by type (original, stock) and number of photos needed (see photography rates/options below).

Value For Your Money:
Killer customized copy and images designed to attract loyal readers and persuade them to join a cause or buy a product.

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  • On-site shoots range (roughly) from $25 to $50 per hour, for inanimate subjects (e.g., homes, art, products), portraits (candid and posed), and action shots (sports, musical performances), respectively.

  • Images edited in Photoshop, Lightroom and/or iPhoto at same hourly rate as on-site shoot.

Note: Rates may vary according to factors such as travel (I live in the Greater New York City Area), weather, indoor/outdoor settings and lighting.

To ensure my work jells with your style and needs, I suggest you first explore the galleries on my home page: Places, People & Nature, Art & Architecture.

Love the images in these galleries? Stock photos start at $15 (with restricted use/copyright conditions—for details contact me.)

Your Return on Investment:
Attractive, fine art and otherwise aesthetically pleasing visuals to enliven and beautify your website, blog posts, and print materials, leading to more clicks, shares and revenue.

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More to Consider

I invoice via Paypal and payments in US Dollars can be sent by Paypal. (Other payment options are available.)

If you think I’m the right content creator for your project, contact me with details—the more, the better. Start with the topics you want me to write about, word count, and the style and number of photos needed.

This information allows me to better assess the time and research needed for a project, allowing me to provide you with an accurate estimate.

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